About Pivot

Our Mission

Working toward an addiction-free community through prevention.

Our Goals

The Board and Staff of Pivot are convinced that alcohol, tobacco and other drug use and problem gambling are preventable. In conjunction with New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) our goals are to:

  • Reduce the prevalence of substance use and abuse and problem gambling in Jefferson County.

  • Delay first use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and gambling behavior among youth for as long as possible.

  • Decrease the negative health, social, and economic consequences and costs associated with substance use and problem gambling.

  • Prevent, through early identification and brief intervention and referral, the escalation of substance use and gambling behaviors to levels requiring treatment.

Our Story

One winter night, many years ago, a small group of concerned Jefferson County citizens traveled to Syracuse, New York to hear a talk by Margaret “Marty” Mann, the first woman to achieve long term sobriety in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. Mrs. Mann spoke of the need to spread the word that help was available for the suffering alcoholic and that recovery was possible. She believed the most effective way to spread this message was through a local grass roots organization made up of recovered alcoholics, friends, family members and concerned citizens.

Following their return from Ms. Mann’s impassioned talk, the individuals who attended formed the Jefferson County Committee on Alcoholism. The goals of this early group were to raise the level of public awareness to the problem of alcoholism, provide information and education, and reduce the stigma associated with this disease.

Today, all these years later, this organization, now known as Pivot, has evolved from that small group of empowered individuals into a professional organization that continues to have a powerful impact on the entire North Country community. And although the original goals of the organization are as valid as they were at its conception, the organization provides a wide range of evidence-based, research driven prevention programs to all age and demographic groups in Jefferson County.

Pivot Board of Directors

Mr. Michael Lively


Officer Shane Ryan

Vice President

Ms. Darlene Jobson


Mr. Anthony Marra

Mr. Ralph Marcellus

Mr. Timothy Sweeney

Ms. Katharine Beattie

Tracy Leonard

Pivot Staff Listing


William Bowman

Executive Director

Debra Hughes

Director of Administrative Services

Abigail Powers

Administrative Assistant

Raisha Wood

Director of Fiscal Operations


Jennifer Lachenauer

Director of Client and Community Services

Kristin Conners

Student Assistance Program Coordinator

Kennedy Mussaw

PAX Coordinator /
Senior Educator

Kendra Eberle

Student Assistance Counselor

Valerie Fuller

Program Assistant

Megan Jackson

Prevention Educator

Caroline Johnston

Student Assistance /
Prevention Educator

Kelli Liscum

Prevention Counselor /

Matthew Milkowich

Student Assistance Counselor

Eleanor Shoup

Counselor / Educator

Alice Smiley

Counselor / Educator

Alysha Helvie

Student Assistance Counselor

Gabrielle Navarra

Student Assistance /
Prevention Educator

Nova Schenk

Student Assistance Counselor /
Self-Regulation Instructor

Marisa Weldon

Counselor / Educator

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Kelly Flanagan-Hall

EAP Program Coordinator

Department of Social Services (DSS)

Angela Nasworthy

Behavioral Healthcare Consultant

Katherine Smith

DSS Program Director

Mary Olson

Case Manager

Alliance for Better Communities

Anita Seefried-Brown

Project Director - Drug Free Communities

Tammie Miller

Project Director - Healthy Jefferson

Fiona Mahon

Lead Epidemiologist - Healthy Jefferson