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Pivot's Mission: Working toward an addiction-free community through prevention.

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School Health and Prevention Programming

Pivot's School Health and Prevention Programming is approved by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS). Services offered include school-based prevention counseling, Botvin Life Skills Training, Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, Project Success, Teen Intervene, Second Step, SPORT, short-term motivational counseling, and information and referral services.


School Health and Prevention Programs are currently located in the following districts:

  • Alexandria Central School District
  • Carthage Central School District
  • General Brown Central School District
  • Lafargeville Central School and Community
  • Watertown City School District

The goal of programming is to help youth develop healthy coping skills, make positive lifestyle choices, and avoid alcohol and substance abuse problems.


Topics discussed in prevention counseling typically involve relationship or family problems, stress, peer pressure, grief or loss, alcohol, tobacco, or other drug use information, study skills, problem-solving, anger, depression, self-esteem, or any other topics or issues students wish discuss.


Groups or classes on topics such as character education, self-esteem, lunch/rap groups, new student groups, and study skills are also offered via Pivot’s school health and prevention programming.


Other activities may include membership in faculty groups or student–personnel teams, advising Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) groups, serving as class advisors or chaperones, or making informational presentations to the community, the Board of Education, or to classroom groups.



For questions regarding Pivot’s School Health and Prevention Programming, or to find out how to obtain programming in your district, contact the Program Director Ms. Kristin Conners, at 315-788-4660.




Teen Intervene

Need to take a closer look at a teen's alcohol or other drug use? Take a look at Teen Intervene, a voluntary program for 12-19 year olds in early stages of alcohol or drug involvement.


Teen Intervene is a brief, early intervention program for 12- to 19-year-olds who display the early stages of alcohol or drug involvement. Teen Intervene uses a stage by stage approach over the course of three 1-hour sessions held 10 days apart and within the school setting or at the Pivot offices.

During Session 1, a trained professional and the adolescent will discuss the adolescent's substance use and related consequences, examine the costs and benefits of the substance use, and set goals for behavior change, including goals to reduce or eliminate substance use.

In Session 2, the therapist assesses the adolescent's progress, discusses strategies for overcoming barriers, and negotiates the adolescent's continued work toward meeting goals.

Session 3 is an individual counseling session with the teenager's parent (or guardian); this session addresses parent-child communication and discipline practices, and specific ways for the parent to support the child's goals. The third session also includes a brief wrap-up conversation with the parent and adolescent.

Pivot offers Teen Intervene in the Pivot offices (315-788-4660) and in the following local school districts: Alexandria Bay, Carthage, General Brown, and Watertown.